El 16 de noviembre de 2018, A Voz Limpia se reunió para lanzar su tercera antología (y sexta publicación) A Voz Limpia Vol. 3, con textos de 44 voces, portada de Gonzalo Varela e introducción del Hamish Danks Brown.



He aquí la introducción:

«Uno no es uno, sino un amor. One is not one’s self, but one’s love.»
Dulce Maria Loynaz (Cuba 1902–1997)

¡Hola! Welcome to all of you who enjoy Spanish language poetry. You obviously do derive such enjoyment, since you have just opened this new anthology published by the Melbourne based poetry group A Voz Limpia.

This introduction is by someone who has only recently started frequenting their very engrossing regular gatherings, to hear a range of poetry recited in a language of which I only have a rudimentary comprehension— someone who is much more fluent in reading and writing ‘la poesie française’.

I am an ardent lover of literature, especially poetry, and I appreciate that it has always been recited, performed, written and read in all the languages that have come about through human history.

In recent years, having travelled to North America, Europe and Asia, I have been to numerous literary and poetry events and festivals, and have become constantly curious about the cultures and languages I have encountered along my zig-zagging way.

Curiosity about the great Spanish language poetry has compelled me to read various translations of most admirable and enlightening poets who I had never heard of before my travels.

This year alone, I have been reading poetry by Cesar Vallejo and Magda Portal (Perú), Dulce Maria Loynaz (Cuba) and Victor Hernández Cruz (Puerto Rico), as well as listening to the poetry of A Voz Limpia contributors and participants such as Abel Galante, Grace de las Nieves, Abe Dunovits and Eyal Chipkiewicz.

This is the third anthology from A Voz Limpia. This publication is very much a result of the ongoing and passionate commitment that its members share, and an expression of their sincere love for their culture as expressed through poetry, even though many have journeyed far from their homelands. What else is there to say, except ¡VIVA LA POESÍA!

«So I ask you my creature friends in what language do I ask the question to come in…»
Victor Hernandez Cruz (Puerto Rico, born 1949)

Hamish Danks Brown